Wednesday, 3 August 2011

RS - Deconstruction - Feeder - Just a Day

Artist: Feeder
Song Title: Just a Day
Year: 2001
Audience: 15-24

All ages entered the competition and got into the video
Feeder's cult classic music video for "Just a Day" falls into the "performance" category. This music video is based on fans lip-syncing to the track in their bedroom or frontroom on a little camcorder. The idea came out from the band sending out a competition for fans to send in unedited video footage of them dancing, playing instruments and/or lip syncing to the camera and the director would choose the best ones to add to the music video. Even when the people who entered got told they were in it they could not tell anyone and it had to be kept secret!

Lip-syncing to the camera
This video demonstrates how digitisation has affected the world, 20 years ago people wouldn't be able to film themselves in their own home with a video camera as camcorders costs thousands that long ago, also they would not be able to send the video clip as easily as just an email is today. It shows that just with amateur footage a professional video for a professional band can be created and even have a cult following.

Playing along with instruments!

The target audience for the music video is 15-24 due to the majority of the ages within the footage are in that age range, the genre of the music is listened to within that age range too which would attrack them and at the time is was released the genre was more popular.

Most importantly the fan footage's sound is played over the top which is not typical of a music video and goes challenges the codes and conventions of music videos. Many fans were not happy with this choice as you can hear fans poor singing over the top of the track and they think it ruins the song/video. However it does add verisimilitude to the music video and the majority are glad they kept the original sound of the clips in because of it challenging the codes and conventions and not being the same as every other music video, they wanted it to stand out which it does!

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