Monday, 3 October 2011

RS - Deconstruction - Read All About it - Professor Green feat. Emeli Sandé

Artist: Professor Green feat. Emeli Sandé
Song Title: Read All About It
Year: 2011
Genre: Rap
Audience: 15-24

On 10 September 2010, Professor Green joined Lily Allen on stage at Wembley Stadium whilst supporting Muse, to perform her number one hit 'Smile', and 'Just Be Good To Green'.

Lip syncing from the "Prof"!!
This music video is a hybrid between two of Goodwin's three music video types. The main aspect of the video is a narrative however it does contain performance footage of the two vocalists looking right into the camera, aiming at their audience. Some aspects of the music video could be replicated by us in our coursework however some could not just as the location being very large, its not impossible for us to find but its not as likely as the Sean Kingston music video. This large location and crane shots used in the music video denote that the budget is fairly high.

A large hangar location has been chosen for the video
The location for the music video is very large which would not seem to available to us. First of all we would need to find a location so large but also permission to use the location which makes it less likely to be able to replicate a location such as the one in the video. The location is also fairly dark which could be seen as not very typical of the genre and could be seen as it challenging the typical codes and conventions within the genre. However the lens flare brightens it up for the codes and conventions of the genre.

Lens flare has been used multiple times in the video
Lens flare has been used multiple times within the music video which acts as a transition but it also lights up the camera vastly in the dark, large hangar location. The editing in the music video is fairly straight forward and could be very achievable on FinalCut Express on the Macs.

The narrative side to the video
The narrative has been cross cut with the performance footage which is very typical of a music video and is the most common of the hybrid types from Goodwin. Quite alot of the shots are hand held which could show it is low budget, it also shows it is like a social realist film with the shakey camera work which could be done by us.

Performance footage from Emeli
Both artist use lip syncing in the music video which is a typical code and convention of a music video. The lip syncing is also the performance side of the music video which is cross cut in between the narrative.

There is alot of shot variation in this music video which constrasts to the Sean Kingston music video I deconstructed before. The reason for this is to keep the audience interested. However there is a larger variety on Professor Green's performance footage than there is on Emeli's footage which lacks variation and is similar to Sean Kingstons with the majority being MS/CU's.

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