Monday, 24 October 2011

RS - Examples of Weak Music Videos

The reason for this being a weak music video is because of the lack of shot variation. The only shots of the artist are MS and CU which make the video seem very unprofessional and not very adventurous or interesting. The use of the sfx is very cheesy and looks poor. I did a deconstruction of this music video in more detail which can be seen here.

The music video for Yellow for me is weak due to it being one consistent shot and therefore very little shot variation or effects. It is a very dull location with overcast weather and there is no change to the location other than some colour effects that change throughout from dark at the start to lighter at the beginning. The slow motion effect makes the video very sludgey and dull which is why it does not work for me. However the lip syncing is a very strong part of the music video, the footage has been slowed down however the lip syncing works fine which means that the lip syncing was done at twice the speed.

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