Sunday, 2 October 2011

RS - DIY Dolly

After watching the music video for Sean Kingston's "Party All Night (Sleep all day)" I noticed that there was multiple use of a track and dolly in the video showing that aspects from films have been brought to music videos. With this in mind I looked if it was possible to create my own track + dolly using fairly easily available materials such as the one for the SnorriCam.

A curved track for a dolly to move on
After further research on Google and Youtube I found a video showing how to make your own on a limited budget, obviously the track and dolly would not be as long as a professional kit but for the few shots I am going to use it for in my coursework idea it should work a treat! Professional tracks could even have curves in like the Sean Kingston music video but with our tight budget it does not seem practicle and it would be harder to transport between different locations and in transport etc..

It might take some getting used to the technique of the dolly however some practice after I have created the track and dolly and before the actual filming will be benefitical and should provide us with fantastic smooth tracking shots like a tracking shot in a professional movie.

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  1. again, great to see such forward planning at this early stage! the joy div vid last year benefitted immensely from constructing a snorricam (still underneath the F6 printer if you want to have a look at it), and this sounds a god plan too!


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