Sunday, 2 October 2011

RS - Using the "Sin City" Effect in FinalCut

Here is a screenshot of the effect in the video
After watching a video on Youtube a few weeks ago they used a special effect which made every colour except one change to black and white making the colour that stayed stand right out. In this case it is the guitar which is red and really stands out and gives a great effect! After seeing this video I instantly wanted to use it in my coursework.

Firstly I had no idea how they had done this so I thought I would look through all the comments on the video itself. I noticed that the uploader had replied to someone asking the same question I was trying to answer and he said it was called "colour saturation". However he did say he did the effect on Sony Vegas which we do not have on the Macs at school. After seeing this I instantly googled it to find out if it was possible in FinalCut, sucess! I found a video tutorial showing exactly what to do to get this effect which was extreamly helpful.

Using this effect will add character to my music video, although I don't know which shot/s to put it over but when filming commences I am sure I will think of one. If I do get a live band to lip sync the song I could use it on the bands instruments similar to the orginal video which could be a great effect.

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  1. Good research - and I think I remember spotting this effect being added to your Hello vid?


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