Tuesday, 18 October 2011

RS - 10 Things I have learnt

Below is a top 10 list of the things I have learnt so far from taking part in the A2 music video course...

  1. How essential planning is
  2. The typical codes and conventions of a music video
  3. What a SnorriCam is
  4. What the "Sin City" effect is
  5. You need a large ammount of coverage when creating a music video for it to have nearly enough footage to play around with.
  6. What Goodwin's three music video types are
  7. What the fish eye lens is
  8. What censorship is
  9. The variety of editing techniques that can be used on FinalCut over iMovie
  10. How to mark an A2 music video + blog

Now I have made a short list of the things I want to learn in the future...

  1. How to create a simple yet professional digipak
  2. Making a narrative within a music video effective like that of a film
  3. Directors in music videos

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