Saturday, 29 October 2011

RS - Ice Cream for Activists

For the performance side of our music video we require a band to be able to lip sync and mime for the song which will then be cross cut between the narrative clips.

I am good friends with the drummer of the band "Ice Cream for Activists" Dave Atkinson and I happened to be talking about making a music video in media. After talking about it during tutor time, Dave said he was fairly interested when I asked him if he wanted to have his band "Ice Cream for Activists" in our music video. He is a fan of Muse as well as some of the other members of his band so he knew they would love to do it too. 

We are currently waiting for them to get some practising in and learn all the lyrics etc. Once they are happy to be filmed and have all the lyrics and instruments we will arrange a day so we can do some filming at first just a practice. We will then edit the footage and play it to the class for feedback. If everything is okay or needs some improving we could go back again and redo any shots from the audience feedback.

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