Sunday, 30 October 2011

RS - SnorriCam Finished!

Today my Dad and myself finished our SnorriCam which took us around 3 days to complete and alot of bolts + screws! We used this guide to make our SnorriCam and went to B&Q and other hardware shops to get the relevant materials for the final product. I have provided a sequence of photos of the building process along with the final product image. I have also embedded a short clip of some test footage I took as soon as we had finished it.

Firstly we started out with a large piece of plywood that was lying around the garage which was needed to make the SnorriCam

We then marked out relevant sized rectangles for the two plywood base plates and then cut them out with an electric saw

Next we had to mark the holes that are used for the cordage to go through
After that we had two clearly drawn out base plates for them to be drilled out
We then drilled out the holes that we had labelled
Here is one after the holes has been drilled out
We then had to drill out strips for the cordage to go through which was really fiddly!
Next we drew out this which can be used to alter the angle of the snorricam
When it was all labelled we drilled out the holes so the camera could vary angle
We had to do the same process for another for the shoulder part of the SnorriCam
We then had to saw out two wooden planks the same length for the camera to be attatched to

We then bolted all of the things we had made to far together (apart from the chest plates) and we had created this, the basic mechanics of the SnorriCam

Unfortunatley we didn't take anymore photos of the building process, we only have pictures of the finished product, sorry about that! It only contained bolting things together anyway!

Here are the two chest plates attatched together using the cordage and connected to the pivoting arms etc...

Here is a CU of the cordage which attatched the mechanism to the person wearing it

Here is the camera bolted to the end of the SnorriCam
Here is a CU of the pivoting mechanism in which you can change the angle of the camera. It also shows all the bolts that are used to attatched it to the chest plates.

Here is the final product worn by myself
Here is some very simple test footage of the SnorriCam my dad and myself just finished constructing. It was just to see if it worked so is only very basic such as walking up and down stairs, on flat ground and then spinning around to see how it shaped up! And it works like a treat!

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  1. It certainly does Rob! Excellent work!
    This is the kind of thing if you did turn into a short how-to vid (even if simply talking over your stills) would drive a lot of traffic to your own YT channel, if you applied the right tags


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