Thursday, 13 October 2011

RS + SP - Marking a past A2 Blog - Jonny Hughes

Today we got set the task of marking a past A2 music video blog. For this task I chose to evaluate Jonny Hughes music video blog, who created the music video for Joy Division - Disorder. Jonny worked with Joel Colborne and Callum Moreman on this task. The group created a joint blog which can be found here.

For this task I worked along side Sam Pollock!

Research and Planning:

Is there excellent research into similar products and a potential target audience:

Excellent. There is a lot of research into the genre such as doing case studies and further research out of the lessons. Evidence into researching bands from a similar genre as well as completely different genres to cover a wide range of material and investigate all the different audiences from all the products. A fine example can be seen here from a different range of genres.

Is there excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props: 

Excellent. There are several examples throughout the blog and even a mention in the evaluation questions with an interesting image to accompany.  Overall the level of organisation is high and there are multiple posts on all of the above over a good consistent time period to show time management skills. The groups treatment is a perfectly organised document with all the relevant information above to help them secure high marks.

Is there excellent work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding:

Excellent. There is obvious detail in storyboarding and scripting for this music video because the end product is of such a high quality. They even posted storyboards and scripts on their blogs to show their planning process. Overall the quality of all of the above are excellent and display exactly what should be happening and gives the audience a good understanding before seeing the final product.

Is time management excellent:                                                                                

Excellent. There was a consistent feed of blog posts throughout both of the years providing all the relevant information and posts needed for the music video. The consistent stream of posts keeps the audience updated and knowing what they have done and what they are hoping to do next lesson etc which shows good time management, also the final product was completed on time.

Is there an excellent level of care in the presentation of research and planning:

Excellent. Yet again the level of care is excellent like the rest of the blog. Images, hyperlinks and embedded videos are aparent throughout the research and planning and paragraphing has been used keeping the presentation in tip top condition and very easy for the audience to read whilst giving all the relevant information.

Is there an excellent skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation:

Excellent. There is an excellent post on how they made the artwork which had been created for the digipak which shows high skills in ICT. Embedding from Scribd has been used on multiple posts and the Treatment once again shows excellent use of ICT skills like everything else on the blog.

Are there excellent communication skills:

Excellent. Once again top marks due to the ease of use on the blog, the use of links lists, blog archive and hyperlinks within the blog make it simple to navigate around for the user which is very helpful and keeps them on the webpage.

Overall I would give the blog a mark of 20 out of 20. I couldn't find any faults with the blog, everything was there and to a very high standard and because of the navigation around the blog it made it simple to locate everything, simply perfect!

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