Thursday, 6 October 2011

RS - The Co-operative Film Festival (Part 2)

Colour correction in FinalCut Pro
After the screenings at the film festival we then attended an "Editing Masterclass" workshop in which we used FinalCut Pro to try out some professional editing skills. I found this workshop extreamely helpful as we learnt skills I have always wanted to know how to do such as using a green screen and adding a background behind it like a professional sci-fi film!

At first it was quite challenging but seeing as we were familiar with FinalCut Express, Pro was not that much different and we soon became efficient in our editing and was able to keep up to speed with the teacher there.

Erasing the Green screen from the background
Richard Mclachlan and I worked together for this short workshop in the afternoon and we both found it really fun to do whilst being very informative!

We used a wide range of editing skills such as chroma keys and colour correction to name a couple. Some of the techniques are very complex and interesting however for my coursework I cannot see us using it however it was very fun to learn and could benefit us in other projects in the future! 

Overall it was a fantastic experience and I hope to use these techniques on my coursework and in the future after that. I also hope our cousework gets into the film festival again next year so we can experience the whole thing over again!

Editing the sound

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