Monday, 3 October 2011

RS - Deconstruction - Sean Kingston - Party All Night (Sleep All Day)

Artist: Sean Kingston
Song Title: Party All Night (Sleep All Day)
Year: 2010
Genre: Pop
Audience: 15-24

An example of cut shot to make it more interesting
There is a serious lack of shot variation in this music video however in an attempt to make it more interesting a series of cut away shots have been put into the video. There are also shots that have been repeated over and over 2 or 3 times which fits to the beat of the song, this can be done on FinalCut by just copy and pasting a clip which is simple.
Photoshop effects have been added to a layer above the lip syncing
As you can see on the right there is a "glow" effect over Sean. This has been created on Photoshop and then simply imported into FinalCut (or some other editing software) and then added to another layer so it shows above the background. This is perfectly achieveable for us, as we have Photoshop on the Macs at school.

Lack of shot variation, mainly CU's or MS's
There is a serious lack of shot variation in the music video which we want to avoid at all costs in our coursework. The reason for this (I am guessing!) is that he is a fairly "large" man and he doesn't want his lower body to be shown in the video because of his weight. This can be seen as the binary opposite of 50 Cent who's selling point is his body! See this for an example!

Lip syncing has been used in the music video
There are performance aspects to the music video, most notably by the lip syncing by singer Sean Kingston, there are also scenes of dancing in the music video which can be seen as performance, dancing is also very typical of the genre of the song therefore it follows the typical codes and conventions of a "pop" genre song.

Multi-layering has been used here
There are numerous vfx used in the music video such as multi-layering which you can see to the right. The phone has been filmed and then in the editing software the text has been added in, and the different sentences have been added to different layers for a 3D type effect coming out of the phone. This would be possible using FinalCut express however i'm sure it would take a few attempts before it worked properly and we were happy with the results.

SFX being used in the music video
 A "cartoon style" font has been used in the music video which is perfectly achievable in FinalCut, the editing software we are using. It does sort of add a comedic or silly effect to the video which I don't really want in my coursework however if I did it would just take some time to get the effect and text to work together properly.

Slow motion track, similar to the "matrix" effect
Tracking shots have been used in the music video when there are shots of the people dancing in the party, the shots are in slow mo which I expect is a reference to the famous sequence in "The Matrix" which can be seen at 0:50 in the video here. This could signify that the video is fairly high budget because of using professional curved track + dolly which we will not have available.

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