Monday, 24 October 2011

RS - Muse's Bliss in Cyberspace

With Bliss being around for over 10 years now it has influenced many fans worldwide who have made use of Youtube and editing software available at home to create their own "fan edits" of the Bliss music video. There are many instrumental covers of the song by people as well as full remakes of the video as well as full studio cover recordings which can all be seen below. These all show that there is definatley an audience out there that is still interested in the song even after 10 years and we hope to target that audience when creating our production of the song.

Here is the entire music video created frame by frame in cartoon form. Made by someone and uploaded to Youtube. The video currently has 2,801 views on Youtube.

There is anothe version of the music video created by another Youtuber using After Effects which has 11,772 views.

Someone else created an "8-bit" version of the song similar to a song from an old N64 game. This video has 48,843 views

There is also a full piano and vocal cover on Youtube with 173,118 views

Here is a guitar cover of the song with 17,229 views

There is a full drum cover of the song with 12,678 views

And there is a whole band cover of the song by one of Muse's best known tribute bands named Muscle Museum (named after the Muse song) with 2,008 views

On Youtube there is a studio recording of the song by tribute band "Muse-ic" it has 1,093 views

As well as a live version of the song with 1,122 views

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