Wednesday, 19 October 2011

RS - My Coursework Pitch

For our coursework pitches we were given 2 mins to explain our idea for a certain music video we had chosen to our class mates. We could use the aid of the track along with any visuals such as a powerpoint or even create the whole pitch as a film file and use video clips and images combined into one easy to view film. 

For this task I decided to create a film which could then just be played to the class, therefore I could fit the most information into those 2 mins and help persuade my class mates to work with me and my idea. 

After our pitches had been played/presented we then stood at the front and accepted any questions from our class mates. This was ment to be recorded however the media technician had some issues with the camera and that part of my pitch ended up not being recorded at all. However I plan to show the pitch to some other media students and then film their reactions and questions afterwards.

After all of that we were then given a further 30 secs to summarise our pitches and give a decent reason as to why people should work with us. My pitch was successful and has gone on to be chosen for our coursework idea. I am working with Sam Pollock and Will Spivey for the coursework and our group blog post can be seen here.

My coursework pitch can be seen here

The full quality version can be seen here also!

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