Sunday, 2 October 2011

RS - Research into Muse music videos

Over their career they have used a very wide range of music videos from entirely performance to only narrative and some examples of concept videos. They have worked with multiple directors such as Joseph Kahn. Goodwin's 3 types of music video are very apparent however a few of the music videos are hybrids of two types such as a narrative/performance or a concept/performance music video.

Below I have embedded some key examples from each of Goodwin's different types from the Muse Videography. I have also given a very brief summary of the music video and how they can be defined as "performance" "narrative" or "concept".

The Resistance (2009)
For the "Performance" example I have embedded "Resistance" From the 2009 album "The Resistance" This music video is pretty much all performance bar the little synth intro which contains slow motion clips of queues and people running to the front of the stage at a gig. The pace is much faster than a typical live DVD due to it being a music video. It has had to adapt to the music video format by quicker takes otherwise the audience would easily get bored. Typical of a performance video it contains lip syncing however it is just live footage that has been muted not just lip syncing to a camera like a typical video. It also contains the band playing instruments from a live set which has been muted like the lip syncing. Yet again the embedding rights have been disabled so I have had to embed a poorer quaility version.

Absolution (2003)

For the "Narrative" example I have embedded "Sing for Absolution" from the 2003 album "Absolution". This video is set some time in the future and tells the story of three astronaughts (played by the band members) travelling in their spaceship to a different planet which turns out to be Earth however not looking too healthy! The video is a hybrid video as it does have lip syncing by frontman Matt Bellamy but that is the only aspect of a performance which is why it is mostly a narrative. Yet again the embedding rights have been disabled so I have had to embed a poorer quaility version.

Black Holes and Revelations (2006)
And finally for the "Concept" example I have embedded "Supermassive Black Hole" from the 2006 album "Black Holes and Revelations" This music video is very strange, odd and random. It has the band members all wearing masks of their own faces or mirrors along with dancers and a man dressed in a body suit of an owl! what more could you want?! The video does yet again have aspects of a performance video due to the lip syncing by frontman Bellamy but this time it does have other band members Chris and Dom playing their instruments. Yet again the embedding rights have been disabled however their is no other version found on youtube so you are going to have to click on the link here to see the music video.


  1. Good info so far, and great presentation.
    What would you say are the hallmarks, the key features of a Muse vid? These may be distinct in some ways, and typical or conventional in others.

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