Thursday, 6 October 2011

RS - The Co-operative Film Festival (Part 1)

Oliver and James Phelps (The Weasley Twins)
Today we attended the Co-operative Film Festival for the second year in a row at the National Media Museum in Bradford. This year there were a total of five of Ilkley Grammar Schools videos being screened. Three of them were for the AS coursework which were all shown in screening one:

Wrenched - Sam Pollock, Asa Newmarch and Myself
Waxed - Sophie Dixon, Emily Moore and Mel Abraham
Sleep Tight - Becky Wholley and Hannah Ferreira

There were also two A2 music videos being screened, ("WATO" was shown in screening one whilst Joy Divison was shown in screening four) they were:

We are the Ocean - Confessions - Lucy Mannall
Joy Division - Disorder - Callum Moreman

The article within the Ilkley Gazette

The films were first all shown within the screening and then once they had all finished the creators of the film all walked up onto the stage to recieve awards whilst also getting a photograph. My dad was kind enough to film our group walking up onto the stage which can be seen below!

The Phelps twins signing items and photographs
This years Bradford Film Festival saw two familiar faces from the biggest film franchise of all time Harry Potter! The Weasley twins, also known as Oliver and James Phelps both attended the festival to open the doors whilst also having a meet and greet with fans of the franchise, they signed anything from A5 pieces of paper to the festivals programme along with having photos taken for the fans! The brothers also did a Q+A session in the same screening as the short films in which a fellow media student George Gamble got his question read out to the twins "Why are you not ginger in real life?" which followed a few chuckles and a brief explanation about them dying their hair and eyebrows for the films!.

Second row seats for the Q+A with the Phelps Twins!
Within the screening we were able to see a wide range of short films from the comedy all the way to the slasher genre which was really entertaining and great fun! It also had a great atmosphere and was good to see everyone sharing their creations and enjoying it all together! What more can you want? 

After the screening we then took part in a short interview which was to explain what our film was about and then also highlight some tips on what to tell people thinking of entering their films into the festival for next year.
Here is the listing for Screening 1 within the Festival Programme

My dad also filmed footage of the short promo (containing a short montage of footage from our film along with others) which was before our film was screened along with our whole film being screening in the theater which can both be seen below! (It is filmed on a phone so its not the best quality!)

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