Tuesday, 2 August 2011

RS - Deconstruction - Weezer - Pork and Beans

Artist: Weezer
Song Title: Pork and Beans
Year of Release: 2008
Target Audience: 15-24 
Director: Matthew Cullen

The "Pork and Beans" music video is completley unique. The music videos is all of footage that was made famous on Youtube. The video basically sums up Digitisation and shows how successful something on the internet can become, they can get onto bands music videos! The music video is a concept video due to it being completley random and getting very famous yet irrelevant videos from the biggest video sharing website of all time. The music video is a "celebration of the creativity" says Matthew Cullen the music video's director.

Because it is a concept music video there is no real story or structure however the video does have lip syncing in it so it has aspects of being a performance video however it is heavily under the concept route.

The target audience is 15-24 due to Youtube being a fairly recent phenomenon the older generation do not use it as often and would not understand the prefered reading (Stuart Hall's theory). Also if the person had not seen the original videos on Youtube they would not pick up the preferred reading of the music video.
Here is one of the many, very famous video clips that they took inspiration from in the Pork and Beans music video
Here you can see the replicate the room from the famous "guitar" video and use it in their music video
Here is another famous Youtube video which Weezer took inspiration from

As you can see they captured the same aspect as it but made it their own. (even using the same lab coats as the original!)
Finally they used this famous video from Youtube and replicated it

They even got in contact with the man who made the original video and asked him to be in their music video, he agreeded and they filmed in the same place except lip-syncing Pork and Beans instead. Genius.

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