Wednesday, 29 June 2011

RS - Practice Music Video

This week we have been assigned into groups of 4 and we got given 3 tracks to pick out of. The track we got the most inspiration from; maybe from the lyrics or the type of song we went ahead with. In this case we went with a song called "The Box (Part 1)" by a British Dance band called Orbital.

Giving our song was an instrumental we thought it would be best to go down the concept route in which you can make up a random "concept" for the music video. In our case with the song being eery and a bit mysterious we came up with the idea of having a music video using cross cutting. One side is an average man walking down the street which then cross cuts to a wood with people walking in a line holding candles. We see it as them walking to their site of death however it could be seen differently because it is polysemic.

We have finished all the planning and we are going to be filming tomorrow when we are all free, we will be trying out the new HD cameras which we are able to use now we are going into year 13. We will also be trying out Final Cut, the editing software we will be using at A2 level. We are doing all this because of the time before we go into year 13, it will give us a large advantage before we even go into the coursework next year. Gaining the knowledge of the technology and what to film, also on getting ideas for our coursework will be a huge help in the future. 

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