Tuesday, 5 July 2011

RS - Media Day

Next week our entire year of media students will be taking part in Media Day. On Media day we shall be recreating a classic music video; shot by shot for practice before we move into September and coursework. We will be filming the classic Britney Spears Track "Hit me baby one more time"

Last years A2 students went through the same process as us and to great sucess however we believe we can improve on their music video and perfect it! Here is the link to last years version of the classic Britney track.

When filming this music video we however will come under a few problems such as:

  • Dance Choreography - with there being a huge aspect of the video being dancing and the majority of the students filming/being filmed in the music video don't have dancing experience it will be hard.
  • Mise en scene such as Costumes; it is going to be hard to be able to get hold of similar costumes as in the music video because of there being so many extras there are loads of different costumes. 
  • The make-up will be quite hard to get the same as in the music video. 
  • The location is going to be hard to replecate due to us filming in England and the music video being filmed in America the locations are very different such as size difference and certain other aspects.
  • Some of the props will be hard to get hold of so planning before hand to get certain props is needed.
  • Actors is a large aspect because only a small number have acting abilities
  • Lip synching will be a problem because no one has done it yet, we will need to practice before we have the media day.

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