Monday, 18 July 2011

RS - Intro to FinalCut Express

FinalCut Express Logo
Since starting the A2 course recently we have been testing out the editing software named FinalCut Express. We will be using this software to edit our music videos we will be creating at A2. In FinalCut you can use a wider range of effects that iMovie and the use of audio within the software is far greater than iMovie. FinalCut has the ability to use multi-layering unlike iMovie which will be vital for scoring highly in the A2 coursework production. So far I have only had a very brief introduction to FinalCut which was a short 30 minute tutorial of the software from our Media Technician. However I have used Sony Vegas in the past which benefitted me greatly as FinalCut was not too different from that. After just playing around with the software for about half an hour it was clear that there was such a wider range of things you can do in the software than iMovie which overall is a fairly limited editing software. At first it was a little hard to do things but after about 10 mins it tended to flow alot smoother and after the 30 min session it was fairly straight forward and simple.

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