Thursday, 14 July 2011

RS - Editing our Mini-Vid

Today myself and Roam Hamilton started work on editing our mini-vid, this is the short practice music video in which you can read a bit more detail into here.

We began work in the media lesson today and got about 15-20 seconds in so far; so not too much progress has been done, however we did come to a few problems such as getting serious lag with the footage and we could not figure out what was wrong for a while. We then had to import extra footage which was recorded onto my phone which took up a bit more time. We also had to try and figure out how to use multiple layers within Final Cut as we had forgotten and needed a bit of reminding!

Overall the process is coming on fine and we are really enjoying the challenge, we will continue with the editing for the practice video in the next few lessons and we will hope to finish by Monday.

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