Monday, 18 July 2011

RS - Rough Cut for Mini-vid Complete!

This lesson Roam Hamilton and I finished the process of editing our Rough Cut of the Mini-vid we have been editing; the track is called The Box by Orbital and was an instrumental, and we decided to go down the concept route. We started editing on Thursday last week and edited during two lesson's and during free periods. The mini-vid is only about 30-40 seconds long because it was a very short and brief practice at music videos. We had to choose one of the three type's of music video from Goodwin's Theory and apply it to our song. We chose between a choice of three songs and we believe we found the best. 

We filmed the music video a few weeks ago and only had time to start editing last week due to Media Day and editing several other things. Overall we have learnt alot from the process. You NEED to plan very well. You NEED to shoot way more footage than you think perhaps getting loads of coverage too! The editing process does not take as long as you think so spend more time planning and filming the music video.

We did face some problems when filming this mini-vid the first problem was that the HD camcorder's battery is not brilliant and we actually ran out of battery about half way through the process of filming our practice video. However we came up with a solution of using my Iphone but the quality is not as good; but it will do just for a practice video. The second problem was that one of our actors did not have enough time to film the footage for our cross cutting section so we could not film it, however in the actual coursework we will have alot more time to work with.

The whole point of this process was to learn from our mistakes; we found out that it is vital to get a very wide selection of shots and tonnes of footage as a result we had to have our clips on for longer, however with more shots we could make the takes shorter keeping to our codes and conventions with short takes for out target audience.

Here is the rough cut for our Mini-vid

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  1. Some nice touches as I said, but good to see you're picking up on the lessons from this!
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