Thursday, 14 July 2011

RS - Britney Spears Car Park Scene Edited!

On Tuesday this week we got a task set to do in one day. Recreate the classic Britney Spears music video. Read more here!

Myself and Roam Hamilton, a fellow media student finished the editing of our groups particular scene (the car park scene). We both had two free's yesterday and thought we should get on with the editing, it was very useful for gaining experience using Final Cut Express (the editing software we will be using in A2 media) but also a very fun process too! We both volunteered to do the editing from our group and we are very happy with the result. We used the multiple layers within Final Cut so that we could have the orginal Britney Spears video playing in the background to make sure we had similar shots but also had the lip-syncing matched up.

The whole process was great practice for when we start coursework in September as we got experience at lip-syncing (how difficult it is!) filming a music video (you need lots of footage + coverage)  and finally the whole editing process.

You can see our version of the Car Park scene below

Here is the original version of the music video - our section starts at 1:24 and ends at 2:20

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