Tuesday, 19 July 2011

RS - Month in Media

Over the past month in media lessons John (Our Media Technician) has been filming the lessons in which we gained sufficient information. Once he had filmed all of the lessons he needed he uploaded them to a Mac in the Media room. Sam Pollock and I were set the task of creating a chat show in which we would discuss the subjects such as Digitisation, Censorship and Goodwin's Three Music Video Types, we had to do this in front of a camera so we could upload it onto the same Mac as the lessons footage and edit it all into one video.

On Saturday we filmed the "Chat show" and were really happy with the results, we have begun uploading the footage to the Mac as of yesterday and will continue today however it takes some time to upload HD footage! After the footage has been uploaded we will begin to edit it all together and we aim to have it finished before Friday (the last day of term) so we can then upload it to my Youtube Channel over the holidays and then have it done for the month.

The aim of Month in Media is for a different group of about 3-4 to group together and summarise the things they learnt from Media lesson's at school. Each month they will create a chat show to discuss the subjects learnt and edit in footage from the lessons John has recorded. Its completely voluntary and will look very good on UCAS forms and CV's.

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