Sunday, 10 July 2011

RS - Digitisation

Modern technology has completley changed the way music videos are filmed. With technology being so much cheaper today with HD cameras being available to the general public and having access to the same editing software as blockbuster films (The Coen Brother's, True Grit, 2010) used Final Cut - the same editing software we will be using. Special effects can be used on editing software without having to fork out a load of explosives can be very benefitial for the modern day music video.

With Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson's Scream being the most expensive music video ever at $7m in 1995 this shows that when the technology wasn't available it was expensive. Having to buy tapes for the cameras and with cameras being so much more expensive in the past it all added up. Digital technology has made it so much more affordable.

Fan made videos such as MGMT's Kids shows that with the technology available anyone can make a music video even for a well known band. It's a way that the band can help make a relationship with their fanbase.

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