Monday, 18 July 2011

RS - The new HD camcorders

Here is a camcorder similar to the one we will be using
To add to FinalCut we will also be using the HD camcorders for the increase in the quality of the final image for our coursework. The downside is that there are only two camcorders so booking them out will be essential however the overall result will be very good. Hopefully we will not have too many problems with them like the camcorders we used for AS such as them not uploading properly. So far we have used the HD cameras on the mini-vids (ours can be seen here) and the Brit Vid, which can be seen here. Overall I am very impressed with the cameras as the battery life is far superior to the AS cameras as well as the quality really brining out details in the locations etc. I am very much looking forward to using both the new software and the cameras in our A2 coursework.

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