Friday, 15 July 2011

RS - Goodwin's Three Music Video Types

Here is Goodwin's theory for music videos being one/several of the aspects below

Performance - A performance music video will contain clips of the band/solo artist playing to the camera or a crowd depending on the video (they can be used to show off a bands new stage setup). A performance video can just be a complete live performance or just cross cut between a narrative. An example of a Performance video would be this:

Narrative - A narrative is a story within the music video based on either the lyrics or the instrumental of the song. An example of a Narrative music video would be this : (This video features a famous cameo from another band!)

Concept - A concept music video is a made up idea and can have nothing to do with the lyrics/instrumental what so ever. It doesn't have to have a storyline at all. An example of a Concept music video would be this: 

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