Tuesday, 12 July 2011

RS - Remake of "Hit me baby one more time" - Media Day

Firstly we were assigned into small groups of about 7-8. In these groups we also got assigned a certain time period within the music video to film. We got assigned to the Car Park sequence of the "Hit me Baby one more time" music video which takes part from 1:24 to 2:20. We had to deconstruct the whole of the music video and provide a detailed summary of the video with shot types/mise en scene etc. We also needed to make a call sheet. 

We started out the day practicing how to Lip-sync and finding it very hard indeed to do! We also went over all the call sheets to check that they were correct and reasonable. We then had a quick rehearsal of the dance moves and finally went on to record a short vodcast.

We came across a few problems when we finished the process of the filming. Firstly we did not have enough detail on our shot list therefore we had to keep looking back at the music video on Mel's Iphone; therefore we wasted a bit of time looking at the music video when we could be filming. We also didn't do enough practicing for the dancing so we had to make most of it up on the spot and therefore not all be in time. We did not have a call sheet so we did not know what order we would be filming. We had a very short time period to film the music video so if one person was messing around or not listening it made the group suffer.

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