Sunday, 18 September 2011

RS - Class Practice Music Video

Last week we were told to prepare a pitch to be presented to the class on Friday. For this pitch we needed to think of a music video idea and present it to the class in 90 seconds. The aim is to have everyone feature in the music video and get everyone involved and create their own edits so we get familiar with FinalCut once again after the Summer Holidays.

Once everyone in the class had done their pitch everyone voted for their favourite music video idea. Our class went with Tom Wardman's idea for the track "Hello" by Martin Solveig. I pitched A-ha's "Take on Me" but did not get a high enough vote for us to create my idea.

For my idea I thought we could get everyone to be dancing with each other and lip syncing to the camera. There wasn't really a story behind it as it was just a performance based music video but it was not chosen.

Here is the whole list of the music videos our class pitched:

13A saw the following pitched:

Tomorrow we start filming the music video for "Hello" in which we will be filming a tennis match similar to that of the original music video along with crowd members and a few of us dressed in wigs! We hope to film it all tomorrow and then to edit it by the end of the week and to hopefully pitch our main coursework ideas next week and possibly form into groups for the coursework.

Tom Wardman's choice (winner) Martin Solveig's "Hello" -

Here is my choice with A-ha's "Take on me" -

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