Wednesday, 21 September 2011

RS - Lessons learnt from the Practice Music video

For the practice Music video filming yesterday we did come up with several problems, they were that

When we began filming our very basic planning made us suffer and we were extremely unorganised. We did not have a clear leader and people did not know what they were doing most of the time and people were running around like headless chickens!. People did not bring their complete costumes (missing dresses etc or the whole costume) and we did not know what we were supposed to be filming as we did not create a proper call sheet or storyboards. Finally, no one checked if the tennis court nets were up...which they were not! We had to run around the whole school looking for a P.E teacher to get them up for us but by that time with everything else going wrong we decided to change the filming date and plan it all again.

We learnt from this problem and elected a leader to organise the whole group and tell the actors and cinematographers what they needed to be doing and when. We made a group on Facebook so that we could all contact each other at home and make sure no one forgot their costumes! (new media allowed us to do this). 

Todays filming was a great deal more successful and we filmed everything we needed to film. Learning from Tuesday's mess up we all pulled together and got the work done. Doing this practice music video was vital because if we messed up like that on the actual coursework it would be really bad and put the group behind, however with it being on the practice it didn't matter as much and we could learn from our mistakes!

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