Monday, 19 September 2011

RS - Practice Music Video

This week we have been planning our remake for the music video "Hello" by Martin Solveig. The class all voted for this music video to be created on Friday of last week and I have made a post about it here. So far we have just gone through what is going to be in the music video and we all decided it should be a remake of the video instead of a dance track. Everyone knows what they are doing in the music video due to the planning process and we all know what we need to bring for tomorrows filming period. We expect to finish filming all the tennis shots in first period tomorrow and then in break time we can film everyone coming into the tennis courts (because it will be break) and use that footage as people in the crowd. The filming should all be done tomorrow which leaves us the rest of the week including frees to edit and then work on our coursework pitches which will be this Friday, if not then early next week.We started planning on Monday and made a basic call sheet of what we were going to film the next day. We are planning to start filming tomorrow (Tuesday).
The roles we decided for the music video are:

Me: A Tennis Player (I will be wearing a wig and a Tutu!)
Sam Pollock: A Tennis Player
Will Spivey: A Ball Boy and Tom's love interest
Kyle Meeson: The Umpire  
Gina Maunsell: A Tennis Player
Jess Thorne: A Fan and the Director
Ben Hudson: The Cameraman and the Director
Melodie Abraham: A Fan, a Ball Girl and Choreographer
Harry Knight: A Tennis player
Ellie Fry: A Fan
Tom Wardman: A Ball Boy and the HE who is my love interest in the music video. Tom is also dressed as a girl.

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