Saturday, 5 November 2011

RS - My Consumption of Music Videos

Youtube - The main way I watch music videos now is from Youtube. The reason for this is because of the ease of use. Instead of waiting for your favourite video to come on Kerrang you can instantly search for the song using the search bar and be watching your fave video in a matter of seconds. This new media has changed the way I watch music videos from TV back in the early 00's to just searching for the video I want online. Youtube has "related videos" to the side of the video you are watching so it is an easy to way to find videos which you possibly wouldnt somewhere else. This is useful to widen the range of your music/genre knowledge. Youtube is available on iPhone/Ipod Touch etc which yet again makes it even easier to acces music videos however some Youtube uploaders block their videos from being viewed on a mobile device! I now watch music videos on Youtube on a regular basis due to it being so quick and easy.

TV - I also view them on TV however no where near as much as I used to. The main reason I used to was because the music I loved at the time always got played on Kerrang however now it has changed and they play bands I don't really like anymore however I do watch it from time to time to see if anything good is on. At the time I used to watch it more often it was because it was so easy to just change to the channel on a satellite tv, and it was before Youtube had come along. On the odd occasion I will watch a "best of" or "greatest videos" etc program which are on Kerrang or other channels such as Q every so often which play the "best" songs/videos from a certain band in usually a one hour slot, this means I can watch a wide range of music videos from one artist in one sitting, therefore seeing if their videos take similar aspects. I have recorded a program from last year when it was "Muse Day" on Q. This program was showing all of the music videos from the band and with me recording the program I can watch it multiple times whenever I want thanks to new media and a Virgin TV box. This is a perfect example of a one off program which would make me stop watching online and change to TV. Currently I only watch music videos on TV rarely due to it being easier online or on a mobile device however in the past it used to be regularly.

DVD's - I own a few DVD's which contain just music videos, most notably the Depeche Mode DVD's "Videos 86.98" and the "Best of Vol. 1" This means I can watch the videos again and again easily by just playing the disc on a DVD player or PC. I watch these DVD's every once in a while because since I got the DVDs it is easier to just go onto Youtube and watch them.

Itunes - With the introduction of Itunes it is even easier to watch music videos on mobile devices due to the ability to buy and download music videos straight from the the online store. I have done this on countless occassions so that I can watch the music video over and over on a journey or something. I bought them when I had an iPod Classic however now because I have an iPhone it is easier just to use the Youtube app so I don't watch the videos I bought from Itunes as much now.

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