Thursday, 24 November 2011

RS - School Closure

On Friday (25th) the school will be closed for Review Day. Our Media Teacher will be in during that time so it is possible to come in during the day and catch up with work over that period. 

Next Monday (28th) school will be closed again due to Jubilee Day however school will be completely closed so there will be no opportunity to work in school at all.

And finally next Wednesday (30th) the school will be closed due to the teachers going on strike which means the entire school will be closed so once again we will not be able to get into school to do work.

On all of these days we (Swillob Productions) expect to do relevant blogging on all of these days as well as catching up on a Vodcast on Monday as well as more sample footage which will then be screened to the class for further feedback. We have also booked out "Trick or Treat" (1986, Charles Smith) to look at the opening sequence for inspiration for our coursework idea and "U2-18videos" to do research on directors in music videos.

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