Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ALL - Suggested Improvements for the Digipak

Front Panel
  • Downsize the circular sticker and move it to the top right where there is an empty space
  • Make sure all logos are in line with each other
  • Sticker should focus on details about the DVD due to it being special edition
  • The wording could be improved (eg. bottom right corner box)
  • The Muse logo should be made bigger
  • Too much orange?
Back Panel
  • Try and line up the URL's with the logos for Facebook and Twitter
  • Too many tracks on the CD? Try and cut this down
  • Maybe advertise as a bonus CD rather than bonus tracks
  • Include a Behind The Scenes and a Full Live Performance with venue and date on as it is Special Edition - needs to stand out from the original to sell to the Target Audience who may have the original.
  • Put space between the "10" and "11" of tracks 10 and 11
  • Try the same colour scheme for the font as is seen on the front panel. Maybe ask for feedback as to which version works best
  • Barcode number needs to change to something more realistic
Inside Panels
  • Make the shots of protagonist larger and/or clearer
  • Try make a background image on the corridor look out of place to fit in with sci-fi theme.
  • Work on the idea of writing on the noticeboard (credits/what is included for example)
  • Try link the inside panels to the outer panels more 
  • Introduce a new layer from the game idea
  • Move further away from realism, more to Sci-Fi idea

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