Tuesday, 7 February 2012

RS - Pendulum Mag Ad Deconstruction

Pendulum - In Silico
  • Artist Name - Largest text at the top of the advert
  • Album name included but in very small font at the bottom
  • Very large album artwork image in the middle
  • Tour Dates + When they go on sale + where to get them from with url links, phone numbers etc
  • Band Website is very small at the bottom of the page (slightly cut off when scanning)
  • No reviews of the album at all
  • More of a tour advert rather than a digipak advert - links to artists going more for ticket sales rather than album sales because of digitisation and people downloading albums instead. Artists make most of their money from touring so they are aiming for that with this advert
  • Bottom left is a small image of the album cover (just the same as the main image but without all of the tour dates etc)

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