Thursday, 23 February 2012

RS - Budget

During the production process we had camera's and tripods provided by the school meaning that we didn't have to invest in those to do filming. However I do own an HD camera myself and when the school cameras were fully booked we did use that camera instead. The quality is not as good as the school cameras as it only has 3.3 megepixels whilst the school ones have 4.0 megapixels. I also have my own tripod that we used throughout the production process because of it being easier than booking out a tripod from the school each time and having to haul it around school all day until filming in the evening. However we did come up to a problem when my tripod was accidently broken by a Swillob member late in the production process so we had to buy a new one as that one could not be replaced. We also spent money on bus fares to and from shoots whilst filming on the bus too for some coverage.

This brought the totals to:

3 x £1.80 = £5.40 (Bus Fares. E.g for 1 shoot!)
1 x Tripod = £40

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