Tuesday, 7 February 2012

RS - Metallica Mag Ad Deconstruction

Metallica - Death Magnetic
  • Metallica font - very recognisable, large + dominant at the top of the page
  • Coffin is central to the image. It features on the new album but its the only thing from the album artwork on the page
  • Band website - central and small font at the bottom
  • Record Label name + logo again cental and small
  • One review from Kerrang so not showing a wide range of feedback on the album, however makes it quick and easy to read when flicking through the magazine pages
  • No Release date 'The brand new album' is it out yet then?! Could be clearer
  • Quote by Kerrang but not quote marks around it
  • "KKKKK" if a non-reader of the Kerrang magazine saw this they wouldnt know what it meant. "KKKKK" = 5 Stars
  • Very simple black background so the text stands out
  • The D + C on "Death Magnetic" link to the name replicating magnets
  • "M" logo used around the Coffin which is very recognisable
  • All of the text is central on the page
  • A4 sized Advert

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