Wednesday, 14 March 2012

RS - Bands challenging Genre Conventions

The first video is called "Existo Vulgore" by Death Metal band "Morbid Angel". As for a death metal band you would expect a typical video to contain:
  • large ammounts of performance footage 
  • long haired "moshers" headbanging in beat with the song 
  • editing is very fast pace and matches the beat of the song. 
  • dark lighting
In this case, the video challenges these conventions and instead has:
  • very long takes
  • has a silent movie theme to it
  • contains titles at the start like an old movie
  • black + white
  • blurred effects
  • still has performance

This next video is called Ohne Dich (Without You) by Industrial metal band Rammstein. For a music video from this genre we would expect to see:
  • dark lighting
  • performance
  • violence
  • sexual themes
Instead with this music video we get:
  • the entire video is narrative
  • almost no performance (only a few lines lip synced)
  • bright and vibrant locations
  • violence (but not in the typical way of the genre)

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