Monday, 12 March 2012

SP - Feedback on Rough Cut 6

  • Firstly there was flashing to black between shots in our opening and throughout our music video which was really distracting for our audience.
  • Our class mates also thought that the opening dragged on abit and that we should shorten some of our original shots, use multiple layers to quicken it up and maybe cut with performance to make it more interesting. 
  • They also encouraged us to only show Rob getting out of bed and pick up one peice of clothing instaed of all of them because we are doing a music video and it doesnt have to be a linear sequence.
  • In our school scene someone pointed out that we could animate a zoom on the magazine that the 'Muse Nerd' is reading and use multiple layers on this shoot of all of the shots that follow it.
  • One of the biggest peice of feedback on our music video was that we need to try and replicate the exact shots with the CD covers because then they will link together much better and make more sense to our audience. They also said that we should use the cross disolve transition rather than fade to black because it breaks the link between the two shots. 
  •  Another peice of valuable footage is that we could try and enhance the colouring on the shots that followed the 'Fly From Here' CD cover 
  • Our primary audience also told us to try and start with shots that are further away from our protagonist and then slowly get closer to close ups revealing his identity.
  • With regards to performance footage someone proposed that in our next rough cut we should multiple layer footage of the band playing over some shots that have free space in the background.
  • We were also told that sometimes we should allow the lower opacity shots to run on for longer and over more shots than we already have.
  • Finally we should make the loner aspect more obvious by using less shots so it doesnt drag on as much and isnt as boring.

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