Monday, 5 March 2012

WS - Filming Update

Following feedback we have received on our sample footage so far, we decided to re-shoot a number of scenes and film new scenes to add to our video. We did this following a lesson looking at ideas we could use to link the footage onscreen with ideas taken from CD/Digipak/Magazine covers, an idea that we got in one of our feedback sessions. We then decided to re-shoot scenes on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th February.

On the Tuesday we decided to film the scenes in Addingham. These include the scenes of the protagonist playing football, the shots in the underground tunnel, scenes on the moor-side, at the bus-stop and at the local park. This is also where we filmed the protagonist in his house. We also took the opportunity while on the bus travelling to Addingham to film some footage of the "muse nerd" by himself on the bus.

Filming on Tuesday was relatively pushed for time due to the amount of moving from scene to scene that we had to do. It did however give us chance to take some additional footage where we came across mise-en-ecene or idea that we thought may work well. Though these shots weren't planned we thought they may fit in with the video and if they don't we can simply leave them out. The filming on the whole seemed to go well, though we have not edited it yet.

Wednesday's filming included the scenes in Ilkley, including the footage by the river, at the skate park, on the rugby field and finally of the bridge where the suicide scene at the end will take place. The scene by the river was one that we had already filmed as sample footage but needed much improvement. For this scene we tried to get variation in shot types so that the pace of the editing can be fast. We will not know whether this has been completely successful until we edit it, but hopefully there will be. We also focussed on framing here to try and keep the footage interesting.

The scenes at the skate park were also scenes that we had filmed as part of our sample footage, though this time the idea was different. Instead of having people laughing at him, the shots showed the protagonist alone and looking depressed. When at the setting we tried to use the mise-en-scene to our advantage, for example taking shots looking through bars that make the "muse nerd" look even more isolated and alone. Shots of the "muse nerd" under the rugby posts came about as an idea of linking to the Origin of Symmetry cover. Although they aren't rugby posts on the cover, we thought that a link between the two may work well.

The final scene we filmed on Wednesday were down by a different part of the river and on the bridge where the suicide scene would take place. The shots show the protagonist looking up at the bridge before moving onto it. Here we filmed him from a low angle to try and show that for the first time in the video he has some power as he looks to take control of things by ending his life. The shots on the bridge were reasonably tricky as we had to contend with members of the public crossing and also only a small area in which to try and get shot variation. Despite this we felt the scenes went well.
After filming in these two locations we are hopefully moving forward towards a final edit. Obviously before we can set an accurate estimation for finishing the edit we need to ensure the footage is of a high enough quality and that all the scenes we have filmed work. When we are underway with editing, a further blogpost will be posted to show what stage we are at.

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