Monday, 5 March 2012

SP - Distortion in Final Cut Express

Today we continued editing our new footage that we filmed before half term. We have around an hour and a half worth of footage which we needs to edited down to around four minutes and now that we are focusing on using Final Cut we are continuing to learn new new tools and techniques all of the time. 

Today we have learnt how to use the Distort tool which is usually used to distort an image in the Canvas Viewer. What we wanted to do was to superimpose the footage that a close friend of ours and a fellow media student had taken on his PC of the game "Mass Effect" and put it over the footage we had taken on Rob Shaw's computer. Ben Hudson has a better quality PC which allows him to play smoother game footage so he volunteered to film footage of Mass Effect for us because it wouldnt be as jerky as if Rob Shaw filmed it. Instead we filmed shots of Rob Shaw playing another game knowing we could superimpose the footage Ben had filmed for us over the top of it.

Using a tutorial I found on the internet we were able to distort Ben's footage by clicking on the crop tool and holding the mouse button down for a few moments so it expanded the toolbar to show us the distort tool. The distort tool makes an image or a clip be surrounded by something called a "wireframe" which allows us to manipulate the footage by using the wireframe. 

Click here to view the tutorial I found on the internet and even though all the information on there wasnt all relevant, we were able to pick and choose the details we wanted

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