Monday, 5 March 2012

WS - Full Rough Cut Update

We now have a deadline for a first full rough cut of tomorrow (Friday 2nd March). By this point we need a complete cut of our music video, though we will have the chance to make alterations to this after it has been looked at.

Unfortunately by this deadline we will not have all the footage that we need for the complete video. We have previously filmed some performance footage although it was of a poor standard and we decided that we would re-film this footage. This hasn't happened yet for a number of reasons (band members pulling out, locations not available when band members were and vice versa) and we are hoping to do this as soon as possible. For the purpose of this exercise however, we are looking to include the previous performance footage that we filmed though we want to stress this won't be the footage we use in our final product.

Other problems regarding this task is the sheer amount of footage and scenes that we have and working out the best order for these clips on screen. This is much trickier than we expected and we are now having to experiment to find an order that works. During editing we have come across issues with the order of clips (for example the protagonists sudden change of clothing) and are having to work on ways to get around this. This is slowing down the editing process for us at the moment.

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