Tuesday, 13 March 2012

WS - Digipak Relationship to Video

As well as a music video for our chosen song we have been tasked with creating the video but also two ancillary texts: a magazine advert and a digipak. The brief that we had at the start of this project was to create a 'package' meaning that we need to link the individual products together  in some way to make them into an overall single package.

One way that we thought we could do this is by using a theme that runs throughout all three of the products. Obviously with them been for very different media formats they are each going to have their own conventions and major differences between them all. There are, however, ways in which we have linked them together to make them into a combined package.
The theme that we eventually decided on to include in each product is the gaming aspect. The protagonist gaming is a major part and idea in our music video as it is how we really show his isolation and desire to be more popular and powerful; the gaming world is his ideal world and his escape from reality. As it is a major theme in our video it seems an appropriate way to link the three products together and this can be seen on the front cover of our digipak with the avatar and background. This is a screenshot from the game Mass Effect which most of our gaming footage is from.

Digipak Back Cover
Another way we link the digipak to the video is on the back cover with the image of our protagonist the "Muse Nerd". The image in the background is the same as on the front panel and therefore is still linking with that same theme from the game, but with the additional link through the character. The image of the protagonist is clearly edited on (because the setting is obviously not from the real world) which also links with the video where layering is important to create the feeling of space, fantasy and this ideal world which compares with the real world where the protagonist is alone and isolated.

Isolation is another theme that can be linked to both the video and the digipak. The image shows a large open space with nobody in sight except for our protagonist on the back cover and the avatar on the front. This shows the theme of isolation that is also a major part of our video, along with the gaming aspect in the Narrative.

A very different way in which the two link as a package doesn't relate to what can be seen in the video but just to the video itself. On the front cover of the digipak is a sticker advertising what can be seen inside the digipak including stating that the music video comes as part of this video. This shows a direct link between the two products on the front cover of our digipak.

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