Friday, 6 January 2012

RS - Digipak Deconstruction - AC/DC - Back in Black

  • Very large sticker on the front, completely different colour to the front cover so the audience notices it first
  • AC/DC logo is very large and to the top of the front
  • Album name is smaller and the same colour as the digipak background so its harder to see
  • Very simple background only one colour and no image at all
  • "Remastered" to appeal to the old school fans
  • Everything is on the sticker to sell the album again even if the audience has it on vinyl

  • Very large image of guitarist Angus Young as he is considered the frontman of the band and very iconic
  • Black and white theme throughout
  • Lyrics booklet inside (left pannel)
  • Shot of the whole band playing live with black and white effect again
  • Inside relates to exterior with black and white colours
  • Collage of images of the rest of the band with their names on the image.
  • CD is the same style as the exterior of the digipak with the same colour scheme
  • Contained in a plastic holder

  • Tracklisting central
  • Barcode at the top (unusual)
  • Record label url above the bar code
  • Producer under the track listing
  • Small print at the very bottom
  • Band Url in small font
  • Record label logo

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