Friday, 6 January 2012

RS - Digipak Deconstruction - Santana - Supernatural

  • Album name at the very top covering the whole width of the digipak
  • Artist name in typical "signature" styled font
  • Multiple layers
  • Hand drawn album artwork on the front
  • Very colourful
  • No stickers on the front cover to advertise that it is a special edition/reissue of the original album

  • Large image of the artist to the right of the digipak
  • Doesnt relate to the front of the digipak
  • Text at the top of the back with a bit of explanation behind the CD
  • Tracklist divided into two sections
  • Original Album is the first
  • Bonus tracks is the second and is exclusive for the digipak
  • Record label logos
  • Small print at the bottom
  • Artist/Record urls
  • Producers named
  • Barcode

  • Two panels are inside before you get to the actual interior of the digipak
  • The two panels are linked with the blue tint effect on both of the images
  • One is of Santana performing and the other is a photo shoot of the artist
  •  CD's held using plastic holders 
  • The artwork behind the holders relates to the digipak artwork on the exterior
  • The CD artwork contains a basic blue background for both and artwork relating to the exterior once again
  • Artist name + album title are featured as well as record label logos

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