Saturday, 21 January 2012

SP - The New Idea

After taking all of our feedback in to account from yesterday we have come up with a new idea that will hopefully be alot better than our previous attempts. We totally agreed with all of the comments we recieved from our Sample Footage 3 and have used some of the suggestions when drafting some new ideas. Here is the new idea and what we are planning to film in the near future:
  • We are still sticking with the basic foundations of the original idea where we are having a Muse Nerd (Rob Shaw will still be playing this role) who is isolated from his family, from the people he goes to school with and generally from the outside world. The reason for this is because he is a huge fan of Muse whereas everyone else he knows isn't really interested in them. The resulting effects means that no-one can relate to him with anything therefore he is being cut adrift from frienship groups etc. 
  • We have decided to use a vague 'day in the life of' technique because we are planning to start the music video with the Muse Nerd waking up to an alarm. The alarm will be on his phone and it will be the song we Bliss by Muse and it will slowly get louder and louder so it will convey an alarm clock.  
  • Another technique we have chosen to use in this new idea realting to 'a day in the life of' is for the Muse Nerd to dress extremely similarly to Matt Bellamy in a poster he has on his wall. This will signify how much the Muse Nerd is obsessed by the band.
  • The main theme of the new idea is relating to the video game technique we used in Sample Footage 3 but we have developed it considerably. We are planning to have the Muse Nerd playing on video games such as Mass Effect, Skyrim and maybe even GTA4 because in these games you can create an avatar that will resemble the Muse Nerd (Rob Shaw) in real life. 
  • We are hoping to create several different things that can happen to this avatar in the video games which we can replicate nearly identically to what happens to the isloated man in real life in our music video. 
  • We are also going to use some of the Muse posters in the montage from Sample Footage 3 and the panning shot of the CD cases as transitions in our music video.  
  • Muse - The Resistance has a poster which has an isloated figure in it which we plan to zoom in to and then zoom out of which will transition from the poster to reality with the Muse Nerd isloated just like the figure in the poster. 
  • We are also planing to use the same technique on the panning shot of CD cases. We are currently researching band names, song titles and images on front covers of CD cases that will link to a scene that will feature the isolated Muse Nerd. For example, we could zoom in to a CD cover that has a image of the countryside on it and then zoom out and it will be the Muse Nerd on his own in a rural area etc.

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