Thursday, 12 January 2012

WS - Swillob Update

We are well into the coursework now and as a group we feel it will be beneficial to look at what we have and haven't done so far. 

So far we have:
  • Formed as a group - Swillob Productions
  • Created a group blog, picture and a logo for our group
  • Looked at and considered the codes and conventions of music videos
  • Decided on a band and a song to use for our video
  • Pitched and planned a first, original idea for a video
  • Looked at the history of Muse (The band whose song we are using)
  • Viewed music videos by our chosen band, Muse
  • Made an 'Ultimate Guide' on Muse
  • Looked at the original 'Bliss' music video
  • Researched the online footprint for our chosen song, for example fan created videos on YouTube
  • Researched the meaning of the lyrics for our chosen song
  • Looked into the Alternative Rock genre, the genre that our song is from
  • Researched important directors in the music video industry and directors who actually go against the expected conventions of music videos
  • Set up Facebook and Twitter pages to interact with people online who may be interested in our video
  • Created a treatment for our music video
  • Altered our idea based on feedback that we have recieved
  • Looked into track and artist record labels
  • Looked at other music videos and films for inspiration for our video.
  • Deconstructed a lyrics sheet to try and give us ideas
  • Created a storyboard for our video, as well as an animatic.
  • Created Podcasts and Vodcasts discussing where we are on he course, what we plan to do and to explain decisions we have made during production/planning.
  • Produced three pieces of sample footage

What we need to and plan to do next:

  • Create a digipak for our music video
  • Create a magazine Ad for our music video
  • Film and edit a final version of our music video

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