Saturday, 21 January 2012

SP - Feedback on Sample Footage 3

This week we completed finishing editing our latest sample footage that include a scene that we had filmed at school and some more footage at Robs house (the Muse Nerd) that was included from feedback from our Sample Footage 2. We have now nearly completed a full rough cut on this idea and all we needed to film is a final scene that will go at the end of the video that will convey a suicide attempt. However when we showed our rough cut to our Media class there were quite a few things that they did not really like and didnt think that worked. These included:

  1. Our class mates thought that the music video was filmed and edited in such a way that it was more like a film opening like last years brief rather than a music video. 
  2. They thought that it was too slow paced and didnt really grab their attention. This is because they said there was some uneccessary footage that was included that we didnt really have to. As a group we made our music video too linear when really for a music video things dont really have to go one thing after another.
  3. As i have briefly touched on our primary aduince thought that most of our shots were far too long and needed to be cut down to make it more fast flowing to match with the quick music. They also said that if we did this our scenes would be shorter because just like the shots they were too long. 
  4. The school scene didnt go down too well either because people thought it was abit cheesy and didnt suit the purpose of our music video. Our media teacher stressed that we should move away from the Muse Nerd being bullied as it would need good quality acting to pull it off. No-one in Swillob Productions has taken any sort of acting lessons so we arent really capable of making it convincing enough.
  5. The general feeling from both the people in our class and our Media teacher is that our footage wasnt interesting enough. They got bored too quickly and wouldnt want to watch it again. The shots needed cutting down as did the scenes and the mise-en-scene was bland and bare.
  6. When our Media teacher stopped our music video around 1:30 minutes in we realised that nothing had actually happened. This was a big reality check and we realised that maybe our footage so far needed to be scrapped and we should start again. 

Some feedback that we did recieve that was positive and we could work on and minipulate to create a new idea included:

  1. Our class mates liked our time lapse that we incorperated in to our music video but did say that it went on far too long.
  2. They also like our montage of Muse posters and thought we could really develop this idea and make more of it.
  3. Our media teacher thought that our panning shot of CD cases could also be developed to make our music video more interesting.
  4. Someone suggested that our music video replicated a technique called 'a day in the life of' which we didnt really intend to convey but realised it could be an idea to try and adapt because it would make more sense.
  5. What we have taken from this feedback is that we can still stick with the vague idea of a Muse Nerd being isolated but we really need to make things more interesting using the feedback stated above.
  6. We have decided to scrap all of our footage so far and think of a new idea linking to our original one that will be eye catching and make people want to watch it again. 

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