Tuesday, 24 January 2012

WS + SP - Drafting Scene Ideas

After receiving feedback we have re-thought a new idea for our music video. However, we have not thought of concrete scenes that we could use to fit in with the feedback that we received. Here are some ideas that we are currently drafting:

  1. A time-lapse of the muse nerd sat by himself at a table in the school common area. He will be reading an NME magazine relating to Muse. This will link in with what is seen at the muse nerds house as the magazine will be seen here as well. The technique we plan to use here is to focus in on the magazine at the house and cut straight to the scene at the school. This idea came about in feedback and will be used throughout the music video, linking to magazines, CD covers and possibly posters.
  2. We will also have a scene where the protagonist is walking down a corridor where there are a few people talking to each other. This will link in with the protagonist playing on a computer game where his avatar is walking down a corridor with people saluting him. This will show his fantasy of being respected, compared with the reality of his actual life.
  3. With relation to "The Resistance" poster in the Muse nerds bedroom we are planning to zoom into the isolated figure then cut to a scene in the park with the protagonist by himself on a swing. We will be able to use a very good high-angle to show his isolation in this setting.
  4. The "Showbiz" CD cover is something else that we will use to link to another part of the video. Because of the Sci-Fi effect of the cover, we have decided it may work to link it to the protagonist playing on the game "Mass Effect". The avatar on the game will be on a planet similar to the one on the CD cover and will be looking towards the earth, which can also be seen on the CD cover.
This is still a work in progress, so any other ideas we have will also be added to the blog.

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