Friday, 6 January 2012

RS - Digipak Deconstruction - Rammstein - Made in Germany

  • Very simple image of one of the band members face mould
  • The image has a very basic white background image 
  • The Album name is the only form of text shown on the front of the digipak
  • The "R" in the title is the band's logo and is recognisable worldwide which is why they dont need the band name on the front (similar to just NIN on a Nine Inch Nails album)

  • Tracklisting for the first cd is all bunched up at the top of the page whilst the second CD which is remixes by other bands takes up most of the page
  • Artist logo is towards the bottom (same logo as the front) 
  • Bar Code is included
  • The image relates to the front of the image with the white theme and the mold of the band members head
  • Record Label logo at the bottom
  • Artist url
  • Small print at the very bottom

  • CD is held in with a plastic holder
  • Behind the holder is another image of a face mold relating to the exterior
  • The right panel contains another band members face mould with the same colour scheme
  • The actual CD has the same colour scheme and the same font colour as the exterior

  •  Same layout and colour scheme as the other panels
  • Plastic holder for the CD with image behind it
  • Same font and colour scheme throughout
  • Another band members head mould with the same coloured background
  • Overall the inside and exterior link together using the same colour scheme and font throughout
  • The face mould theme is continuous throughout the whole digipak

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