Saturday, 7 January 2012

RS - Digipak Deconstruction - Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams

  • Very large central image of a tree with shadow of man (Jack Johnson) holding his acoustic guitar
  • Man is blacked out along with the tree for a continous theme
  • Simple yellow background
  • Two large stickers highlighting the special edition features on the CD
  • Artist Name top right in large black font
  • Album name in opposing white colour smaller and below artist

  • Similar theme to the front with the yellow background and a tree trunk to the right of the frame in the same colour as the front
  • Track list but without the numbers of the track
  • Bar Code
  • Small print for copyright
  • Artist + record label urls
  • Record label logo
  • Simple design with lots of space in the centre
  • Artist image this time you can see who he is
  • Guitar is framed infront of him
  • His hand covers part of his face
  • He wants the audience to focus on the guitar and the music not himself
  • Lyrics booklet inside the left panel with leaf theme
  • Plastic holder for the CD
  • CD has the artist + album name along with record label logo + small print
  • Leaf theme similar to the booklet
  • Inside panels etc all link together with the leaf theme
  • Exterior links together with trees and yellow colour scheme
  • Inside has a white coloured layout to it

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